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Foresight Analytics: Active Advantage Podcast Series

Dan Barker, CFA is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Apis Capital. He joins Daniel Grioli from the Foresight Analytics Active Advantage Podcast Series.

Foresight Analytics, an independent Sydney-based firm, provides investment diligence, data analytics, and advisory solutions to leading investment management companies, superannuation funds, and wealth groups across the Asia Pacific.

Across four distinct sessions, Dan describes the global small and mid-cap investment universe, why companies are inefficiently priced, and why Apis has a unique advantage in finding companies experiencing long-term compound growth. He and Daniel discuss the similarities and differences between investing on the long and the short side. Dan also takes listeners & viewers through one of the firm’s investments from start to finish, highlighting how a truly global perspective helps Apis to find investment opportunities.

Episode 4 – Part 1: Founding of Apis and its unique investment philosophy with Dan Barker

Episode 4 – Part 2: Compounders and Moats

Episode 4 – Part 3: Short Selling with Apis Capital’s Dan Barker

Episode 4 – Part 4: Investment Process in Action – Stock Selection and Sell Discipline